Kitchen appliances are often shaped like sex toys for good reason – a lot of women prefer to do their fucking in the kitchen, and men know that banging an orgasm out of a woman in the kitchen means she is already many steps closer to making you a nice sandwich while you recover and get ready to fuck her all over again! Petra has a special frying pan she uses for all of her own meals and she loves to grease it with sperm instead of better or olive oil. Cum gives her food a special flavor and plenty of additional protein. She’s also got a set of dildo-shaped salt and pepper shakers that she likes to fuck herself with before dinner parties. Real whores are willing to do whatever it takes to get men excited because they know that’s what they’re best used for!…
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Do you like it rough? Well watch as this dirty bitch gets it good and hard! Grabbed by the hair, her mouth is forced down onto a hard cock – making her struggle for breath. He then assaults her bare arse, slapping it so hard it leaves red welts! Lubing a butt plug with his spit he jams it hard into her arse. She screams out loud as he wallops her arse cheeks again, then, with the plug still embedded deep in her anal canal, he makes her choke as he forces his hard cock down her larynx. The butt plug removed, he violates her some more as he rams his cock into her battered hole, slamming hard until he ends her vicious ordeal when he unloads a thick wad of spunk into her mouth….
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Roderico has a HUGE cock, not just the length but also the thickness. Being told ’sorry you can only put it in half way’ is always a bummer so now he has a cast of his cock made into a sex toy but 15% larger than his own dick. He uses that dildo as a measuring device to make sure a whore like Susanna will accept it deep without complaining. Sizing up her fuckholes and showing her what she can expect once he starts fucking her is the best way to be sure she will keep going no matter how stretched out her pussy and asshole become. When you have a really big dick, and a beautiful girl begging to ride it, it’s always worth a few minutes of dildo fucking to make sure her holes are large enough for you to enjoy her and for her to enjoy every inch of the action!…
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Michel is a cowgirl that likes to ride – and ride hard! She’ll take a horse hung hunk and devour his meaty dick like she’s eating from a fodder bag! Foaming at the mouth as she deep-throats, this country girl needs to get atop her stallion and ride him like a seasoned jockey. Sliding on side-saddle, Michel controls her steed before dismounting and letting him feed his fingers into her pussy. She whinnies like a mare on heat as her pussy is finger fucked before a homegrown veggie stretches her open. Bending over and pulling apart her rounded buttocks, Michel takes a pink dildo to her puckered arse before Michel rounds off her meat and latex rodeo with a creamy man-juice facial! Ride em cowboy!…
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Weights and measures is a new fetish that is catching on quickly. Measuring Lenka’s tits and seeing how large her pussy can get is just a start for Roy. He also wants to see how many ice cubes she can fit in her asshole, to use a speculum for measuring the maximum diameter of her vagina and he has a custom made dipstick that he can slide down her throat to see exactly how deep her gag reflex goes. Once he gets all the data together he adds it to his spreadsheet. Cataloging different whores this way makes fucking them even more fun because the comparisons that can be made are much more specific. Lenka can really fuck and suck, but so can a lot of girls – so the real question is can she fuck and suck better than other whores or not….
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Not all sex toys have to be shaped like dildos. Sometimes a simple beer glass can be a fantastic way to expand the possibilities with a passionate woman like Gabriell. Max fucked Gaby up the ass for over an hour before shooting a thick wad of cum up her ass….
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Some porn fans who are seeing Vanda for the first time might think that her scarlet red hair is what makes her so different from other pornstars. In fact, there are plenty of pornstars with red hair, but few who can handle the deep and wide gaping anal pounding that Vanda is capable of taking!…
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Tania takes a long time to warm up and get wet, which is wonderful if you are a fan of women who take it slow and let the sexual tension build to a boiling-point with a sultry strip tease and plenty of face time in front of the camera….
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Watch this pretty babe make eyes at the guys in the bar. She goes to the toilet, but once there, deft fingers find her clit before a buzzing vibe is pushed into her wet pussy. One of the guys follows her and, seeing her jigging herself, gets her to suck deeply on his hard cock. Gagging as he pushes his boner down the back of her throat, her eyes water and her face turns red as she gasps for air. He DPs her and forces her to take his boner in her mouth again she and licks off her own arse juice . The rest of the guys appear for the finale, and as she arse fucks herself and they jerk off – expelling their seed over her bruised and battered butt. Awesome!…
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Katarina is a cute brunette who loves to get wet – inside and out! This naughty girl loves diddling her shaved snatch with an assortment of ribbed dildos as she splays out in the sun beside the pool. Her eyes close in delectation as she feels the thick latex slip between her pussy lips and her juices start to slip down the shaft as she self-fucks! But when a throbbing cock is offered to her, Katarina opens her mouth and takes it all down. Turning over, this filthy bird wants it first in her pussy and then needs to feel it opening up her anal canal. But her love of dildos isn’t repressed and she gets a dirty double – a cock in her arse and a toy stretching her pussy! This is fun in the sun!…
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